So, I have officially been at my job for a three weeks and I am honestly shocked. I cannot believe that I have been in the office for that long already. It really does feel great to be fully employed at this point. Although I am tired in the morning and I go to bed way earlier than I used to, it is exciting to be doing work which I enjoy and working for an office which I support. There have been many firsts already (like getting business cards and getting a work phone—a blackberry to be exact which I am ecstatic about) but I am excited to continue to learn new things and to continue to grow in my position.

It is strange though because even though I have a full time job, I am still constantly thinking about what is next. It is probably because for the past 11 months that is what constantly what consumed me. I remember waking up in the middle of the night panicking because I felt as if I wasn’t doing enough. So now when I think about what is next, it is not out of frustration or fear that I am not in an okay position. I know I have job security, and I also know that I will be here for a little bit of time so that it is actually a position that helps me grow professionally. Now I consider the things that I have wanted to do for a while but haven’t been able to actually do, like get a gym membership and get into a gym routine or plan trips which I have wanted to do but haven’t had the funds to go on. And always in the back of my mind is how I eventually plan on getting to the elusive DC. All of these plans though feel much more positive and rather than stressing about them I am excited for the many next steps that I can possibly take.

Besides work I am doing quite a lot of travel this month. I will be in DC for four days (for work training) but I am staying with one of my best friends so, that is time well-spent. I am hoping to enjoy some of my favorite places to eat, hang out with the friends that I have down there, and just enjoy the city seeing as I am unfortunately not living down there like I hoped. And then a week later I head up to Maine for a wedding. I cannot believe that it is already here.

Which brings me to the crazy realization that graduation was a year ago. It is insane for me to think that I have been out of a college for a full year. It doesn’t feel like living in Harrisonburg was so long ago but at the same time it seems as though a lot of time has passed. Although a lot has happened in the past year, it doesn’t feel like much has changed. Except for the fact that I have a job, but I still live at home, still am very single, still don’t have a puppy, and still don’t pay any bills. So in that regards it’s a little weird because I feel like life has been somewhat stagnant, even though I have had blips of change nothing that has been permanent. Now that I have secured employment though, I am hoping to start doing the things that I want to be doing which will hopefully lead to some other changes.


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