DNC was last week and it was incredible. The first day I got there I was able to get a credential to get onto the convention floor which was just insane. To think that a year ago today, I had been out of college for three months, didn’t have a job prospect, and had just applied to an unpaid internship in a congressional office in NJ. Fast forward to today where I am now a full-time staffer in the same congressional office, and I had the opportunity to go to the most important event for the Democratic party. It was such an amazing opportunity to get to know more people in the NJ delegation, see people after work, hear amazing people speak, and to just take everything in. It was completely exhausting but entirely exhilarating. With all the negative media surrounded around this election, it felt so refreshing to be in a bubble of positive thoughts and hope for the future especially most of the sentiments are ones which I agree with. The whole experience has made me want to actually get involved in the campaigns this year just because they are so important.

This weekend I just finished the book #Girlboss. For obvious reasons, I was attracted to this book because of the feminist tilt that it had. When I first bought it, I didn’t realize how much of a career guide, inspiring, business book that it was going to be but it was just that and I am really happy that I read it. The book reminded me that no one is owed anything and that if you want something you have to fully commit yourself to it and work towards it. Even though I have only been in my position for 4 months now, I know that I need to continue to push myself to learn new things, tackle new challenges, and prove myself and my worth. I am frustrated because I do not know what direction I want my life to take. In one moment, I desperately want to move to DC and work on the Hill, then I want to move to Cali and pursue nonprofit work, then I think about going to law school, and sometimes I actually want to stay in NJ and work on my connections here so that one day I can be a powerful player in NJ politics. All I know is that I want to continue to grow and to continue to improve myself so that I can continue to do amazing things.

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