First post of 2017. This month has been full of surreal and self-reflection moments. I find myself driving into work most mornings excited and in awe of where I am right now. Sometimes I just get the sense that there the work I am doing, I am doing for a reason and that there is more in store for me that I am preparing for now. It might be egotisical or narcissistic (as I google how to spell narcissictic) but I really do think that my path in life is going to lead down to some incredible things. I am currently reading this book Start with Why, which my chief of staff gave to everyone in the office. It really is a facisnating way to look at the things you are doing in life and figuring out why you are doing them, rather than simply explaining what you are doing. So I am currently trying to formulate why I want to work and why I want to make an impact. Once I fully conceptulize it I will write it down but I am still working on the full why.

Anyways, this month has had plenty surreal moments. Sometimes staffing on the weekend all the time is extremely tiring and frustrating but at the same time it can be very rewarding. For instance, at the ACA rally, being in a room with almost the entire Democratic delegation was just crazy. I was standing with Congresspeople and Senators and it was just a normal Sunday. People wait in line for hours to get to shake Senator Booker’s hand, while I was simply holding the door and he walked up to me and shook my hand and asked how I was doing. Being a congressional staffer is sometimes the weirdest thing. Or how being part of the Women’s March didn’t mean I was just marching but I was staffing the March. I got into the Hall simply by stating that I was staff, I stood at the very front of the line, got pictures of my boss starting out the march and I was with other staffers who were doing the same exact thing. It’s in those moment where even though my position is little and I am super junior staff, it is still incredible to be part of this movement and this wave of politics. It makes me thankful that I had to wait this long to get this job because, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else (well maybe in DC but that’s different). If I had gotten the job working in the Assembly office or if I had been working in the nonprofit world, I would not be experienceing the things which I have been going through, nor would I be learning the things that I think will greatly benefit me as I continue working in my career. So yes, even though it was devastating the time right after graduation not having a job, I honestly think I am in the exact place that I am supposed to be.


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